What Is The Best Way To Invest 1 Millions Dollars In Singapore ?

September 12th, 2016


Let’s say You have already achieved Your first SGD$1,000,000

in life by now


and You are thinking of ” retiring early ”

so as to have more time to do other stuff that You love.



How should You invest this First SGD$1,000,000 of Yours

such that You can rely on this First MIL of Yours to generate

a certain ” monthly income ” consistently

for MANY Years to come…?


At the sametime,

You don’t it to eat into this Principle amount ( $1,000,000 ) of Yours too..


What would be the best way to Invest Your First $1,000,000 to achieve the above then ?



( I would recommend this ) :


Most would simply go for the ” safest approach ”

which is to deposit into the bank/s

and earn about 1 to 2 % interests each year


( But is it enough to offset the 3% INFLATION at all ? )




Some would perhaps go for the ” Dividends Yield ” path..

earning about 4% to 6% per year from the Dividends paid out.


( But with this ” Dividends Yield Path “…..when it is a BEAR / Correction market, Your entire Portfolio is going SHRINK in value due to the Paper-loss ….which is unavoidable with the conventional BUY – & – HOLD approach though…! )


Even for the most favorite investments of all time – ” Property investment ” that is…

one’s investment would also be affected ( badly ) when the Property Market is

undergoing a Corrective/ Bear Cycle !!



Which is exactly the ” Super or Ultra Rich ” would NOT just go for investments that would make them money( Only ) during a BULL cycle


they would also be ” diversifying ” their investments by investing into a certain Hedge Fund/s which is also taking advantage of the ” Bear cycle ” in the financial market to generate a certain ROI for their investors.


Meaning they would be ” Selling into the market ”  ( and ride the BEAR CYCLE )

when there is a BEAR /CORRECTIVE cycle in place..!


As such, some of the TOP Hedge Funds around the world have been capable of achieving average of at least 25% ROI for their investors year after year…

( even during an undesirable Financial Crisis ! )



Let’s do a simple comparisons below :


By depositing into the banks to earn ” yearly interests ” => 1 to 2 % Return


By going for ” Dividends Yield ” from Stocks => 4 to 6% Return


By investing like the ” Super & Ultra Rich ” into a certain Hedge Fund

with good track record of generating average of 25% ROI per year

( after deducting the performance fees …that is )


it also means that Your Initial Capital invested would be DOUBLE in just 4 short years !


=> 25% + 25% + 25% + 25% = 100% Return ( Uncompounded )


With Sgd$500,000 starting capital

and enjoying 25% gain on average per month

after 4 years , Your $500,000 would be turned into $1,000,000


$1,000,000 would be turned into $2,000,000…..etc


This also explains why the ” Super & Ultra Rich ” keep getting EVEN RICHER !


Yes, even in times of ” Economic Crisis ” !


Now You know too !


So are You at least ” exploring ” about leveraging on a good Hedge Fund to help You generate average of 25% Roi ….at this point of time ?


25% ROI – ” compounding consistently year after year… ”

Your Initial Capital would get ” really big ” in a 5 to 10 years horizon

…..that’s for sure.


Do seriously think about the above

as ” time ” is our friend when it comes to ” growing Your Wealth ”

by leveraging on the Power Of Compounding !



Feel free to email if You have any question/s after reading this article today.


When You Are NOT Having A REALISTIC MINDSET, You Will FAIL Trading / Investing In The Financial Market !

September 4th, 2016

It’s a proven fact that when ” done properly ”

one can actually achieve good return ( roi ) by trading / investing

in the financial market …

( such as Forex , Stocks , CFDS, Precious Metals ..indices..etc )



And from such Good ROI per year

we can then start accumulating our Wealth via the Power Of Compounding.



Example :


If You are able to consistently achieve 25% Roi per year

it would only take just ” 4 years ” to DOUBLE Your initial Capital



And even with the ” preferred property investment ”

it would take at least 5 to 10 years to see similar kind of ROI



But that’s provided the properties market is in a ” healthy BULL trend ” !



If You entered at around ( 2013 Sept period )

of course it is a ” bad timing ”


and You would be suffering ” losses ” instead

because of the ” cooling measures ” that our Government puts in place

during the 2013 Sept period

to ” cool-down the OVERHEATED ” properties market.


But that would NOT be the case when You rely on a ” financial instrument ”

which enable You to ” ride & Profit from a DOWN-DOWN ” in the market as well.



Because even if the Properties market is in a ” downward correction ”

( due to the cooling measures in Singapore )

…You would still be able to generate that 25% ROI ” Consistently ” too !

( via the Down-Trend prevailing in the Bearish Financial Market….)


Which means every ” 4 short years ”

You would be able to DOUBLE Your Initial Capital.


If You started with Just $500,000


After 4 Years => Your $500,000 would be DOUBLE to $1,000,000


Another 4 Years later => Your $1,000,000 would be DOUBLE to $ 2 MILLIONS !



I am using ” 25% ROI ” as a REALISTIC benchmark here

as this is the kind of ” Average ROI ” that the BEST HEDGE FUNDS

around the world are ” Targeting “…


Even for the BEST ( BILLIONAIRES ) Funds Managers such as

Warren Buffett or George Soros

their funds were averaging about +20% to +40% Roi per year.


And not forgetting that they are the ” best of the best ” in the world !



So what I am trying to convey across to fellow readers is that :


Although relying on the financial market can indeed help one achieves

good ROI per year


but that’s provided one does it ” Right ”

and with a ” SUPER Realistic Mindset ” though


Am sure most of You already knew that majority who ventured into the financial market only end up ” losing ” after  a few years later.


And I can certainly say that it is because of their ” Unrealistic Mindset ”

toward this financial market investing / trading game.




What Are The 2 Best Income Generating Vehicles To Help Me Retire Early ?

October 11th, 2015

Best Investments For Early Retirement In Singapore


Even if  You can SAVE 75% of Your monthly earning ” diligently ”

but You only PARK it in a saving account

earning ” Less Than 1% PER ANNUM “…

then that’s NOT going to help You RETIRE EARLY in Singapore at all !



At LESS THAN 1% per annum..

it is as good as earning ” nothing ” actually because the amount

would be too SMALL to enable You to survive with !



By setting aside 75% of Your monthly earning as saving….

all the MORE You should make the MONEY WORK HARD FOR YOU !



Else why bother being so FRUGAL and can ( only ) live on JUST 25% of Your monthly’s  earning….

right ?



Because You CAN”T ” enjoy much in life at all ”  with 25% ……that’s for sure !



Even if You earn a whopping $10,000 per mth

You can only spend $2,500 !!



Seriously…..Can You ?



Of course NOT many people would actually be WILLING to set aside 75%

of their monthly earnings as saving…


Even by saving 50%, already it is very RARE !

( as most simply CAN”T RESIST NOT BUYING the THINGS THEY WANT !!……Yes….NOT NEED ! * frown * )



I am using ” Saving 75% ” for this article as that’s more effective to help convey

a certain point of mine across to all readers



Continue reading and You will understand more



Let’s say You are drawing a $10,000 per month paycheck

You SAVE 75% of it => $7,500

and ” willing ” to just spend $2,500



And presuming You have the ” Extreme Determination ” to do that

for the NEXT 30 Years   ( 25 to 55 years old  that is)



You would have saved => $7500 x 12 x 30 => $2.7 Millions  ( by end of 30 years )



For most, anything beyond ONE MILLION would sound like ALOT….

hence for an amount like $2.7 Millions, it would sound ( 3x ) ALOT for sure…



However do remember one thing here, it’s that …



You can ONLY  live with 25% of Your $10,000 per month salary ( $2500 )

for the NEXT 30 Years !!



I seriously don’t think anyone would want to LIVE in such ( EXTREMELY ) FRUGAL manner at all man…….for 30 YEARS EVEN !



Now consider another scenario below :



If You park the $7500 saving into an ” Income Generating Vehicle ” that would

deliver about a ” Realistic 5% Return Per Year…”



and then allows the amount to be ” Compounded ” ….year after year

( Yes….making MONEY WORK HARD FOR YOU instead ! )



Do You know after 30 Years…

the same $2.7 Millions  of Yours would be GROWN into How Much ?


=> $6,368,471 !!



That’s OVER $3.5 MILLIONS MORE for You ….saw that ??



And this calculation is only based on $7500 x 12 => $90,000 contribution a year



Am sure within the 30 years journey, Your monthly pay would be increased a few times

that’s when Your monthly contribution of 75% would be MORE than $7500 then

hence the amount derived is based on a fixed $90,000 per annum, do note.



Let’s say You only need SGD $3,000,000 to retire in Singapore

and presuming You are contributing $90,000 per annum ( $7500 a mth )

& You are also parking Your saving in an Income Generating Vehicle that

generates 5% per annum for You…



Do You Know How Many YEARS You Can CUT-SHORT With That …?

In order to Retire Early I mean….



Instead of 30 Years ( needed ) like previously ….

You only need 19 Years to achieve SGD$3 Millions to retire early !



YES !  You actually can retire 11 Years EARLIER !



If You don’t understand what ” Difference ” that is…



Allow me to prove with Numbers then :

11 x 365 => 4015 Days

Meaning You can Retire 4015 Days EARLIER !




So with the explanations & simple maths above…..

I hope You can understand why it is VERY Important ( for anyone wishing to retire early in Singapore )

to rely on some form of INCOME GENERATING VEHICLES to help grow one’s HARD EARNED Saving

instead of just ” parking ” in the saving account NOT GROWING at all !




So What Are The 2 Best Income Generating Vehicles That I Rely On Myself ?



I have been exploring almost ALL available out there

and I finally only settled on these 2 :



1) Investing In Property

2) Trading The Forex Market



Let me explain to You why I ONLY ” settled ” onto these 2  ( out of so many around ) :


1) Why I Invest In Property ?

Because in Singapore , every 10 Years the property prices would increase by almost 2x

Let’s say You bought a Private Property at 2002 period for SGD$1,000,000

and then sold it off at the 2012 period  ( before the cooling measures )



You can easily sell it off at about $2,000,000

which is $1,000,000 difference



If deducts off all the fees & Duty

You can still Profit about $800k realistically

that is a nice 80% ROI !



And in Singapore, where land is Limited and Populations Growing

it is just simple Demand & Supply we’re talking about here

& the Demand would be ” strong ” still..



Now that the Property Market has corrected by about 15 to 20% now ( at least )

since the Cooling Measures implemented in 2012 Sept

it is about a ” good time ” to enter again to ride the NEXT BULLISH WAVE up !



So Are You getting Your BULLETS ready yet ?



I am…!



But if You are also like me..

whom don’t like to take up any ( additional ) ” mortgage loan ” at all

and would rather rely on a financial vehicle to help build up the MILLIONS $

to help You retire early in Singapore…



….then the 2nd Income Generating Vehicle that I rely on would be what You need as well.


2) Why Am I Trading The Forex Market

The Forex market is opened 24/5

and with volumes at 5 TRILLIONS A DAY

You can almost trade ” anytime ” You want to !



The beauty is that it offers ” high leverage ” that no other financial instrument has !



At 1 : 50 up till 1 : 1000 ( for some brokers )

it means You just need $1000 to control $100,000 of currency !  ( for 1 : 100 )



Which also means You can make money FASTER when You have a Proven Strategy to follow on !



Yes…” High Leverage ” is a double edge sword …that’s for sure …

But since we are here to find the best approach to help us Retire EARLY in Singapore

( instead of having to work till 65 years old like most

and yet do NOT have much Retirement Fund to survive for the next 30 years …)


….it is definitely worth every bit of time and effort to MASTER the required Skill-Set

in order to help us achieve the ” Winning EDGE ” while trading the Forex market

in the long run….right ?



It is exactly like the case when You get to drive a FERRARI !


If You don’t know how to DRIVE at all

and if You FLOOR the Accelerator of a Ferrari, You are going to hit obstacle with EXTREMELY HIGH IMPACT

as the Horse Power is VERY HIGH for a car such as Ferrari



Of course when that happened, You are going to be seriously injured !



On the other hand, if You know how to DRIVE Properly

and by FLOORING the Accelerator of that Ferrari ( on a Safe HIGHWAY )

You are simply going to enjoy every single moment in that Supercar….isn’t it ?


It is exactly the SAME case with the ” High Leverage ”  Forex Trading offers…



Once You know how to make good use of it …( by Mastering the Skill-Set needed )

it would only help You PROFIT FASTER !



I would consider myself a ” Successful Trader ” by now

having traded for 9 years so far

and consistently ” beating ” the market since 2009 till date !



If You have any questions about Forex trading or You are keen to get started too

feel free to email me and ask

I can help with any questions that You have .


How Much Do You ( Really ) Need In Order To Retire Early In Singapore ?

October 9th, 2015

How much You need for early retirement in Singapore


How Much $$$ Do You ( Really ) Need In Order To RETIRE EARLY In Singapore ?



Most people that I talked to say that they don’t want to work till 65 Years old

and would definitely prefer to retire earlier ” ideally ” at 55 Years old ( max )



Well….it is certainly good to know ” when ” You would like to retire

but if You cannot work out a realistic monthly retirement income

to ” at least ” last You for the next 30 years….   ( presuming one lives till 85 years old )

then that’s certainly NOT a Work-able Plan at all



I have been receiving alot of emails asking about this issue in fact

so in this article , I shall share ” my way ” of planning a Monthly

Projected Retirement Cash-Flow for You to benchmark with



I shall share on  2 Scenarios :


1) Comfortable Scenario

2) Not-So-Comfortable Scenario



Comfortable Early Retirement Scenario


Let’s say I want to retire at 55 Years old

  • No Major Health Issue
  • Drives A 1.3L Honda Fit
  • No Outstanding Car or Housing Loan



This is how I planned for a ” Comfortable Early Retirement Amount ” :


1.Car & Transport – $1800 per month

( covering monthly loan, parking, ERP, fuel, repair, insurance, servicing and other miscellaneous ….)



2.Eating Out / Restaurants – $700 per mth

(  presuming 20 meals at $35    each time )


3. Groceries – $300 per mth

( presuming $10 a day for self-cooked food )


4. Mobile , Utilities & Internet – $180 per mth


5. Shopping For Clothes & Apparels – $300 per mth


6. Maid or Other Domestic Helper – $800 per mth

( levy + food expenses for her )


7. For Medical & Health Maintenance – $120 per mth 

( visit to GP if sick, vitamins , supplements , TCM & chinese tonic herbs )


8. Personal Grooming ( Men ) – $80

( Hair cut, essential toiletries, gel…etc )


9. Expenses For Vacation – $500 per mth  – $6000 per year

( $5000 for a long trip , $1000 for a short one )


10. Gifts, Wedding Ang Paos, Religion Contributions – $150 per mth

– $1800 per year



Total MINIMUM Monthly Retirement Income Needed

=> $4930 !



Bear in mind this amount is the ” very minimum ”

which excludes other miscellaneous

If You keep a ” Pet ” too, then You would need much more !



Assuming I would live till 85 Years old

( with the advancement in medical technology today, it would be very common to live till 95 to 100 years old even ! )

the ” Total Retirement Amount ” that I need would look like this :

=>  4930 x 12 =>  $59,160  ( one year )



Expense Over 30 Years =>  $1,774,800 !

( about $1.8 MILLIONS  )



But that’s final yet as we still need to take into account => INFLATION !

Assuming a ” Conservative 3% Inflation ” based on historical values



The NEW Total Amount Needed would be :

$59,160 ( compounded by 3% )

over 30 Years => $2,526,238   ( including 2% inflation )



And what does this means ?

It means goods that cost  => $1,774,800 NOW

30 Years later , it would be => $2,526,238 instead !

which also means You need  $2,526,238  to  BUY  $1,774,800 worth of goods !



Bear in mind that’s only for ” Myself ”

if I take my wife into consideration, this amount would have to be 1.5x MORE

=> 1.5 x $2,526,238 => $ 3,789,357 at least !



Although $3,789,357 looks ” rather BIG ” an amount

but do take special note that this is based on ” Conservative ” calculations

I am considering that I would NOT be driving a BMW but just a 1.3L Honda

Expenses set aside for Dining , Medical & Healthcare are based on ” low side ” as well !



NOT-SO – COMFORTABLE Early Retirement Scenario


If I am willing to minus away the ” elements ” that provide me with CONVENIENCE

I can generally REDUCE the monthly expenses quite significantly



This is how it looks like :

1. Instead of having my own car, I take public transport ….Bus, Mrt ..

( that would help Minus $1500 per mth )


2. Do all housechore myself , don’t need a maid 

( that would help Minus $800 per mth )


3. Instead of eating at restaurants , just eat at neighbour hawker

( that would help Minus $400 )


4. Exclude long vacations , just go neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Batam..

( that would help Minus $400 per mth, $1200 for a short trip instead )


New ( not so comfortable ) Retirement Amount Needed

=> $1830 per month

Annually => 1830 x 12 => $21,960

Total Expenses Over 30 Years ( including 2% Inflation )

=> $930,653



If taking my wife into consideration, it would be 1.5x more

=> 1.5 x 930,653 => $1,395,979



If we compare it to the ” comfortable retirement amount needed ” of  $3,789,353

that’s almost about $ 2 MILLIONS Difference !



Hence the ” Not so comfortable retirement amount needed ” definitely looks more achieveable for most



But do bear in mind that with such ” Not so comfortable ” amount

I really have to work on a ” rather tight ” monthly budget

and without a maid, I have to manage all chore myself

( or with my wife , provided we are still mobile ! )



Frankly if You ask me NOW

I would rather ” Save More and Invest MORE ( NOW ) “….

in order to further GROW my ” Retirement Fund ”

so that I can have MORE to live better than the ” Comfortable Scenario ” that I shared above




Since I still have about 15 years hitting 55

I can definitely continue to accumulate my ” wealth ” further



This is even more so, if You are relying on the ” right leveraged financial instrument ” such as Forex Trading

Aiming for a conservative 20 – 30% per annum using Forex trading is very realistic

as long as You have the knowledge and skill-set to trade the market yourself



Yes, it takes sometime to master the skill-set & psychology needed

but considering the kind of 20 – 30% ROI per year

that NO other financial vehicle is capable of

it is definitely worth spending 6 months to a year to master the skill-set needed I am sure !



Because with 20 – 30% ROI a year, COMPOUNDED YEARLY

the effect would be very ” Solid ”



Let me show You :


With just $100,000 capital

Compounding at a Realistic 30% Gain per year

Stretching it for just 10 Years => $1.38 Millions !



I don’t need to ” contribute ” monthly at all

just use the $100,000 as capital and allow that amount to grow from there !



If You also seeking a good financial vehicle to help You grow Your investment in a ” much faster rate ”


You should really consider Forex Trading too



I achieved my $1,000,000  ( my 1st pot of gold )

through Forex trading stretching for about 6 years+

that’s why I know it is both realistic & do-able



If You need any advice on Forex trading

feel free to drop me an email



I will help answer Your questions ( if any )



Why Even High Income Does Not Guarantee Early Retirement For You ?

October 8th, 2015


Investment To Retire Early In Singapore


To most people…..

it is commonly thought that as long as one’s income is HIGH

one would have NO problem to RETIRE early ( at all )

if he / she wants to.



I used to think the same way too ( few years back )

but after studying intensively into :

” How can one Truly Retire Early in Singapore ”

( a city with relatively HIGH standard of living ! )


I now understand that is the totally WRONG thinking !


Allow me to explain more below to help You understand

more clearly



You see…

in order for You to ” be able ” to retire EARLY in Singapore

the only determining factor is :


” How much Wealth ” You have

that could allow You to SURVIVE for the next 40 – 60 Years !


That’s presuming You retired early at 35 Years old

and would be able to live to a ripe old age of 75 – 100 years old !


Because with today’s advancement in medical technologies

it is a matter of time we all LIVE much longer !


Even to 110 or even 120 Years old perhaps !


And imagine  if You WANT to retire at 35 Years old….

You would need ” Enough Retirement Fund ” to SEE You

through for the next 75 Years at least !

( till 100 yrs old )


Let’s say You require an average SGD$5000 a month to survive on

(  still needing to pay housing loan, car load & health insurance at least )

a portion of Your $5000 would be reduced of course


But for the sake of ” calculation ” the AMOUNT You need

in order to SURVIVE for the next 65 Years

( presuming  live till 100 years old )


$5000 x 65 x 12 => $3,900,000

which is SGD$3.9 MILLIONS that You need

in order to retire early at 35 Years old !




But Rather…..


Ok, so presuming You are a Super High Flyer

at 25 Years old…


You are already commanding a monthly pay-check of SGD$15,000



BUT because of Your “ lavious lifestyle

You can only SAVE SGD$5,000 per month

which is $60,000 per year



And presuming You can actually FIND an investment vehicle

that would help compound Your savings by a CONSISTENT

” 5% ” Annually……



At the end of 10th Year

the total amount You would be getting is => $783,104.76



But You actually NEED $3,800,000 in order to retire at 35 years old

and to Sustain You for the next 65 Years as calculated earlier

remember ?



That is a Short-Fall of about $3 MILLIONS !


Can You even dream of retiring at 35 years old

with that Short-Fall ?


Certainly NO !


And we have not take into consideration ” Inflation ” though

as Your current $5000 per month would be ” must lesser ” then !


How About If You Are Willing to SAVE 50% of Your Monthly Income ?

$7,500 per month that is ..

& Compound by ” 5% ” Annually

for the next 10 Years

( Until You are 35 Years old )


This is the Total Amount => $1,174,657.12

Slightly more than while You save just $5000 per month

of course..


BUT that is STILL  over $2.6 MILLIONS Shortage

as You need Minimum of $3.8 MILLLIONS …


Definitely NOT ENOUGH to Retire at 35 years old at all !


So What Am I Trying To Convey Across Today ?

It’s that :

Even If You are earning a HIGH INCOME per month….



You are spending most of it

instead of SAVING ( most of it )


and then park that fund into a ” Wealth Generating Vehicle ”

so as to allow MONEY to WORK HARD for You

and help GROW Your Wealth…..


Without doing what we discussed above

it is certainly NOT POSSIBLE for You to retire early at all

even if You are are a HIGH INCOME earner !


The formula to ” Accumulate Wealth ” for early retirement in Singapore

is very straight foward actually :


1.You just need A Starting Capital

( and the BIGGER the better as it would SHORTEN the time

needed to achieve a BIGGER Final Amount ! )


2.You also need to take advantage of a investment tool

which would deliver a certain ” Gain ” per year

& then simply ” re-invest ” the Profit gained previously

by allowing the Power of ” Compounding ” to work it’s MAGIC for You !


( and of course, the HIGHER the ANNUAL GAIN %..

the FASTER Your Fund would be GROWN into ! )


But the thing is that

there are so many investments vehicles and financial instruments

to choose from !


From Bonds, Equities , Commodities, Gold, Silver, Currency Markets, ETFS, REITS….etc

such a long list

how to decide which one to choose then ?


In order to help grow Your fund ” in the fastest way possible ”



I have already received many emails asking about it

so I shall share what I have discovered so far

to help You guys better decide


I shall talk about that in another email

don’t want to make any of my email too ” long ”

as most don’t like to read LONG emails …am sure !

* smile *


Feel free to read using the links below



What Is Best Form Of Investment For Early Retirement In Singapore ?

May 14th, 2015

Investment To Retire Early In Singapore


Dear Valuable Friends,


If You are also wondering about what is the best form of investments available out there

because You would want to retire early ( too ) in Singapore

then You definitely have arrived at the right place today


One thing for sure is that :

in order to retire early ( & comfortably ) in Singapore

we need to have a ” Big Enough ” Retirement fund

so that we don’t need to worry about money issue anymore


But before I continue further

let me share my own definition of  ” retirement ” first

that is :


” I do not have to WORK anymore

and have ENOUGH Fund to allow me to live comfortably

for another 30 Years at least ! ”


Let say I would like to retire at 50 Years of age

and presuming I would live till 85 years old

which is for another 35 years


Here’s How I calculate how much Retirement Fund I need

in order to ” retire ” comfortably

Monthly Cash Flow I want to have = SGD$10,000

x 12 => SGD$120,000 / Year

x 35 => $4,200,000


Presuming with House & Car already ” fully paid for ” ( by 50 yrs old )

living off  $SGD10,000 per month is definitely ” realistic ” for me


There is still ” allowance ” for car maintenance too


I would also like to go for a nice vacation once a year  ( entire family )

hence I would have to add in another $SGD20,000 / year for that

$20,000 x 35 => $700,000


which would be another $700,000 needed

so in total would be about => $5,000,000 in order for me to ” retire comfortably ” in Singapore


and having that amount would mean that I don’t need to

worry about money issue anymore


needing to ” stretch out my hands to ask from others ”

am sure You know what I mean…right !


I know most people would chose to rely on the ” few conventional ways ”

of building their retirement fund such as through :


1. Putting a portion of their monthly wage as savings for the next 10 to 30 Years




2. Investing into some structured financial products such as the common UNIT TRUSTS which yield about 2 – 5% on average per year




3. Investing into some good BLUE-CHIPS  for long term and then earn from Dividends each year. When they are ready to retire, they would liquidate them and cash out




4. Investing into one ( or more ) property in Singapore. Hold them for 20 – 30 years and when it is time for them to retire, they would then sell that property and perhaps down-grade to a smaller one to profit from the difference


For me, I have been exploring all the options as stated above

either by reading almost all the related books available in major bookstores in Singapore


been talking to many different Financial Advisors from different company

that’s why I knew so well about the many ” Conventional ways ” most would rely on to build their retirement fund


Now here’s my main ” Challenge ” :


I need about SGD$5,000,000 to retire comfortably as shared earlier above


But on the other hand


I DON”T want to ” eat into ” my monthly pay in order to set-aside a portion as savings

that’s ” Super Restrictive ” for me

as I am NOT earning a big paycheck to start off with


This is what I mean :


My current Take Home Pay ( then at 2007 ) was  about => $3,500

If I am willing to save 50% would be about => $1,750


x 12 => ( only ) $21,000 a year


I was about 35 Years of age ( back then at 2007 ) when I started exploring which is the best investment for my early retirement in Singapore

hence I only have 15 Years left

( if I really want to retire at 50 Years old )


to accumulate the $5,000,000 retirement fund I want


If I can find a fix deposit / fund to park into which would yield me a SOLID 7% gain per annum

$21000 x 15 => that would only be JUST $315,000


even if ” compounded ” by 7% per annum


there is NO way I can get near to $5 Millions at all !


Even if I am willing to settle for $315,000 through the ” savings ” route

and then sell my current house for another $1 million by then ( 15 years later )

Plus the amount from my CPF


I don’t think I am able to accumulate $5 Millions too !


And what bothers me ( very much ) is that

I have to take a cut of 50% from my paycheck each month

in order to save for the next 15 years !


I seriously don’t think I can ” stick ” to that at all

Only $1,750 a month to live by


Ok……sounds possible but it is going to be ” very Miserable ” am sure !


=> So this conventional route relying on ” saving ” is definitely NOT for me


=> Buying into the so called ” Unit Trusts ” and then HOLD for another 15 to 20 years

also NOT for me

because at just 2 – 6% on average PER Year

it can’t do much really as my amount is simply too small


So it means I am only left with 2 more ” reliable options

and they are :


1. Property investment




2. Speculate In The Financial Market Myself


Property investments can definitely yield good return

Example :

If I have the ability to invest in a landed property

which costs me $1,000,000


Holding for 10 years

Sold at a ” new peak ”

that could possibly get me a nice return of 60 – 100%

which equates to about $600,000 to $1,000,000


Presuming fully paid by then


and minus the ” stamp duties and taxes ”


I would get back about 90% of $600k or $1 Millions at least


However, that’s provided I can afford a $1 MILLIONs condominium to start off with

which unfortunately I do not have such ability to afford one

even if I do

I would be really be ” stretching my limits ”

and more stress would arise from all sorts of ” worries ”


such as :

” what if I lose my day job and could NOT pay my mortgage ? ?

” What if when I need to sell the unit but the market is in a BEAR cycle ? ”

it means I would not be able to achieve the retirement fund I need then…”

…and other ” worries ” when one is taking a loan which is NOT within their comfort zone


am sure You understand what I mean by the above too



1.The ” Conventional Saving ” route is out for me


2.The ” Investing in Unit Trusts ” route is out for me too


3. Now even the ” Property Investment ” route is out for me as well


Obviously I am only left with ” Speculating in the financial market ”


Whenever I read on the ” Forbes ” listing the WORLD RICHEST MEN


I always found something ” common ” among them


that is:


Surely there would be a few that are in the ” Hedge Fund Business ”

and they are capable of generating a solid return of 30 – 100% per year !


Because for conventional ” buy and hold ” stocks

one cannot make money in a Down-Turn ( or Bearish Market )


But with these hedge funds

they are also ” Profiting handsomely ” even in a market Down-Turn

simply by ” Short Selling ”


That’s why they are able to generate such SOLID return of 30% – 100% each year !


I was definitely very excited back then upon ” discovering ” such Possibilty !


Yes….exactly like ( finally ) seeing a ” ray of HOPE ” after struggling in LONG + DARK + COLD tunnel !


So immediately, I work out using simple math like this :


Years before retiring => 15 years

Presuming I took 4 years to learn => so left with 11 years to ” compound ”

Starting capital => SGD $10,000

Compounding at => 5% gain per month

( I derived this 5% gain per month after doing very intensive research from some of the best traders’ verified track record and concluded that it is indeed both Realistic + Do-able to achieve such 5% Gain per month by speculating in the Forex market as it offers leverage of 1:100 at least ! )



Here’s How My $10,000 Would Grow Year After Year :



After 1st Year => $17,958.56


After 2nd Year => $32,251


After 3nd Year => $57,918.16


After 4th Year => $104,012.7


After 5th Year => $186,791.86


After 6th Year => $335,451.34


After 7th Year => $602,422.41


After 8th Year => $1,081,864.1   ( First $1 Million here )


After 9th Year => $1,942,872.49


After 10th Year => $3,489,119.86  ( $3 Millions Here )


After 11th Year => $6,265,957.97


More than $ 6 MILLIONS by end of 11th year

with just a small $10,000 as starting capital


Definitely the ” Best Investment ” for me to help me build up the required $5,000,000 in order to retire early at 50 years old in Singapore


Having been investigating so many ” options ” available out there

I dare say NONE can come close to delivering such SOLID Returns at all

All thanks to the Power of COMPOUNDING !


No wonder Albert Einstein himself also said so :

“The most powerful force in the
universe is compound interest”
– Albert Einstein


After that, I started my journey into exploring all kind of ” financial instruments ” available out there


and finally settled on Spot Forex


Because it has ” high leverage ” for me to take advantage of


and the ” liquidity ” is very high each day at trillions

It means anytime I need to BUY or SELL my position

I could do it with ease !


The journey to master the skill-set in order to WIN the game of forex trading is definitely ” NOT an easy one ”

after all

this is a game whereby only 5% would Survive and WIN in the long run

the other 95% would surely LOSE it all

and give up totally !


I shall shared about my ” learning journey ” in another post

as this one is getting rather long now


To Your Financial Freedom,

Ah Huat ( author )